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Some Information About Us

Murray is a self taught Flameworker in North Queensland currently living in Mareeba near Cairns. He began experimenting with Borosilicate Glass in the early 90's with a basic how to book and relying on trial and error. Along with his wife Robyn they progressed to participate in the Kuranda Markets and also wholesaling to some Craft Gallery's. Murray has also experimented with mixing his own colour glass especially those with a silver base.

While both have been severely impacted by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for decades, they continue to pursue and develop within the Flameworking community.

Since 2005 they began importing Borisilicate Glass from overseas as a cheaper source of rod and tubing. They have since been offering the glass to the general Flameworking community as a cheaper source of raw material and as an encouragement to those interested in starting a life passion in the art of flameworked glass.

Murray & Robyn

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